No two small businesses are the same: they are as unique as the people who run them. To illustrate that the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work, we wanted to generate the ‘average person’ — just to show they can’t and don’t exist. We analysed the national statistics on names, age, occupations, household sizes, even pet names, and created a profile with the most common characteristics. His name is Dave Smith, and our radio advert was designed specially for him.

'Dave Smith' 40'' radio

This advert was designed for the average person: you. 
Your name is David Smith.
You share your 2.7 bed house with your wife Susan and 1.7 children.
On a normal day after coming home from your sales job you walk your 1.2 labradors called Alfie.
On your 40th birthday you drank 8.6 units too many.
You got 23.4 birthday cards and a mug reading ‘world’s best dad’ which, statistically, you will break in 4 years and 5 months.

The average person doesn’t exist, and nor does an average business. That’s why we build your insurance around your small business and its changing needs.
Hiscox. Ever onwards.